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Mission Statement 

Our mission at Olivenhain Country Preschool  is to provide your child with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for them to acquire proper skills and values to prepare them for their future.



O.C.P. Philosophy

It is our belief and understanding that children need a balance of academics and arts through games . We have studied different pedagogues’ theory of learning ( Montessori, Frenet, Piaget, Waldorf, Alvarez,..) and integrated some of their thoughts on kineanabel and clara OCPsthetic and tactile experiences for the young child. We feel that a child will retain more of the knowledge that he is given at a young age if it is presented through many mediums including the arts, drama and expression, rhythm and movement, and even cooking and gardening. French classes will also a big part of our program for all the cognitive aspect of learning a second language. Our teachers provide a classroom environment which enables each child to express themselves at each stage of their development. Our daily activities include a variety of learning tools and enrichment for your child to gain interest in learning as well as using their imagination. Our monthly curriculum take the child through a world geared to his level.

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