Junior Kindergarten

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Welcome to our Pre-Kindergarten Classroom (4 & 5 year olds)

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to prepare our children for success in school. Much like our preschool program, we work on their fundamental learning skills such as memory, auditory, visual processing and love for learning. To make our curriculum fun, we allow the children to play games with math, letter sounds and writing so they’re able to begin kindergarten feeling confident and bright. We allow our children to learn through play as they go through centers and use Legos, puzzles, dramatic play area, magna tiles and much more. Our daily schedule is full and constantly doing activities that our children forget that they are learning.

Our Pre-Kindergarten room follows a 1 to 12 ratio with age-appropriate curriculum, sight words, journals, binders, gardening, cooking, science and more that are added to their weekly lessons. Our teachers focus on helping the children learn and be prepare for their future success in Kindergarten.

We are open from 7:30am to 6:pm

You have the choice of 2, 3 or 5 day program.

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