Preschool Daily Schedule

Preschool’s Daily Schedule


7:30-8:00am               Greetings/ Breakfast

8:00-8:30am               Free Play (Choice of Activities)

8:30-9:00am               OUTSIDE TIME

9:00-9:15am               AM SNACK

9:15-11:15am           French : Circle Time/ Arts & Crafts/ Indoor or Outdoor

                                     Learning Activities / Song /dance/……                                

11:00-11:35am         OUTSIDE TIME

11:35-12:00pm         LUNCH

12:00-12:30pm         Transition to Nap/ Wash Up

12:30-2:30pm             NAP/ QUIET TIME

2:30-3:00pm               Wake Up/ Put Cots Away/ Wash Hands

3:00-3:15pm               PM SNACK

3:15-3:30pm               Story Time

3:30-4:00pm               Music/Movement or Science/Motor Skill

4:00-4:30pm              Free Play (Choice of Activities)

4:30-5:30pm               OUTSIDE TIME

5:30-6:00pm               Free Play/ Clean Up/ Departure Time