Preschool Section…..


Welcome to our Preschool Classroom (3 years old)

Our preschool classroom focuses on helping your child becomes successful in Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and beyond. Their social, cognitive and physical developments are enormous and focusing on curriculum is important. At this age our children begin to get into small group time more efficiently, begin loving arts and crafts more, encouraged to work on letter sounds, build sentences, learn how to spell their names, get along with peers and understand classroom rules. Our children develop their logical reasoning skills as they play, they can put together simple puzzles and understand that a whole object can be separated into parts. They are able to classify and sort objects, but usually by only one characteristic at a time. Our preschooler’s love to sing so we add music and movement after nap to help them learn and recognize simple letter songs while having fun!


Our preschool room follows a 1 to 12 ratio with age-appropriate curriculum. Our teachers focus on building the core fundamentals and develop milestones to help them achieve success in their next step of Junior  kindergarten