Our family has been happy with OCP since Deven was 3 months old from the infant room to the toddler program. We visited other preschools, but we wanted an environment that was warm, social, structured, creative artsy activities, and with the large outdoorsy environment for him to be kid!

There is a daily activity sheet to show what the child eats, naps, diaper changes, and what activity was done that day. There are plenty of art pieces that I have collected from him. If there was ever a concern that was brought up it was communicated right away. We have seen our son blossom and hit his milestones
without issues. I’ve witnessed a child who was new to the preschool, who didn’t speak at all, but soon spoke immediately. The testament to their preschool is when we bring him around other parents or strangers, they consistently seem impressed how much he can say for his young age of 18 months, socialize and share.
Thank you OCP for being a part of Deven’s development and childhood! We would not hesitate to recommend OCP!

The Kari Family

I searched high and low for a place to care for my four month old son when I had to return to work. Olivenhain Country Preschool is the only place that has exceeded all my expectations.

When I drop him off in the morning I feel like he is with his “Aunties”. The teachers are fantastic! They know the needs for all the developmental stages and they make sure that every child has the support and encouragement to achieve the ever important milestones. There are activities for each season and ample outdoor time. The campus is very welcoming and safe. The furniture is all the appropriate size, the toys are vibrant and educational and the playground is well kept. The classrooms have air-conditioning and heating but are usually open to the fresh air. The children are guided and encouraged to explore their world using both play-based and  academic  philosophies. Through singing, dancing, reading, art, pretend play, trial and error, and self expression the children blossom at their own pace.

The teachers are very respectful and educated on important issues such as a special diet, potty training, behavioral issues, and are incredible with separation anxiety on both the child and the parent side. Sign language is utilized to help the little ones communicate before they are able to talk, which decreases frustration and makes home life easier and more rewarding.

The Director, Carrie, is absolutely wonderful and the children love her. She keeps the parents well informed on all that is happening at the school and is very open to and encourages parent and family involvement.

A special balance is required to be a working parent; OCP has made our life with our son even more enjoyable. My son is now two years old and I wouldn’t think of having him go anywhere else.

-Sarah F.

We started our three-year-old son at OCP three months ago. This was his first experience away from home, and being a relatively shy and sensitive kid, we were curious how he would handle the transition. The staff at OCP were wonderful in helping him adjust, and we felt very comfortable leaving them under their care, from the very start. The school has a nice playground and the teachers seem to keep the kids interested with a variety of fun activities, and we couldn’t be more happy with the people there.

Kim Family, Jr. Kindergarten
Our daughter, Vivian, is in the infant room at OCP. She is 7 months now and has been there since she was 3 1/2 months. We absolutely love the people there, especially Miss Nina! They are all so good with Vivian and Vivian truly loves them. Having her there has also helped significantly to get Vivian on a consistent schedule. They also were good about getting her to do tummy time, which I was admittedly bad at. They know all of the milestones that Vivian should be at and get her going at the appropriate times.

Carrie, the Director of OCP, is very good at communicating. She often emails photos of Vivian and her buddies, which is always nice to see while I’m away from her at work. She is good at returning emails and calls and was great at communicating with everyone when all the fires were going on. She also frequently posts pics of the kids on the OCP Facebook page. Also, every day when I pick Vivian up, I get a worksheet which tells me when she ate, how much she ate, when they changed her diapers and whether it was pee or poop. They also document all her naps and the time frame in which she slept. If you are planning to breastfeed, they will designate a tray for you in the freezer. I just buy the Lanisoh freezer bags and bring them frozen milk. Often times, they will have a bottle in the warmer
waiting for Vivian when she gets there. So, all in all, we are really happy to have our baby at OCP!

Billick Family, Infant Room

We started our son at OCP when he was 3 months old and we love it! His teachers are
loving and communicate well with parents. I know that he gets lots of snuggles and attention throughout the day. Plus, I love to see the pictures and art projects that they do with the children! Overall, OCP is a warm “home away from home” for our son. I look forward to seeing him grow and graduate to the other classrooms. Johnson Family, Toddler Room. My son is really enjoying his time at Olivenhain Country Preschool! He loves the different activities available to him and that he has enough time to get involved with projects, but also has enough stimulation from the routine of play/snack/play/lunch/nap, etc. Both the inside and outside areas are set up so that the kids all can find things to do so it’s not chaotic with kids wondering around aimlessly. I wouldn’t have my son anywhere else!

Parker Family. Jr. Kindergarten

We love love, love OCP! I’ve been meaning to write a review since there weren’t any recently posted here. I was very concerned about going back to work, since my 8 month old son had separation anxiety like I had never seen in any child. Not only did they do a great job with him (he loves his teachers and friends!), Carrie eased my worries by emailing and texting me updates.
It was exactly what I needed!

This is a play-based preschool, yes, but don’t think that means there’s no curriculum for the kids. My daughter (who just turned 2) impresses us every day when she comes home. In the month that she’s been at OCP her speech has improved, her manners have become impeccable, and she has become so much more adventurous! Plus, you know your kid is having a great experience when they come happy, sweaty, and tired! Lots of outdoor time (hello, we live in San Diego!) which is always great. I would recommend this school to everyone.

Cubbal Family, Toddler and Jr. Kindergarten

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