The French Program

OCP lettersFrom 2 years to Kindergarten

Introducing French classes in the Morning with Miss Maité.

Miss Maité a french native teacher is now giving French Classes in the morning at OCP.

The program followed what the French Ministry of Education is provider for this group age. Same kind of education that you can find in France and in the French schools all over the US .  Our little students are acquiring a second language through fun games and activities. They will sing dance, build, create, experiment, discover, learn,…. only by being immerse  in the French language.

Studies show that children have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning a second language. There is a lot of great thing that the brain will do to acquire that language. And at the end this is not only the ability to speak another language, it is way more then that. Discover why learning a second language is priceless, any kind of second language. For more information on the benefits of the learning a second language please click on the blue link.

Research also demonstrate that starting at early age between 2 and 5 years , is the perfect time for anyone to learn a second language. If learning a Second Language could be hard for adults, it’s effortless for the little one. It is like learning in other song. They are “sponges” and we will absorb anything  and everything and this is why a naive teacher is a must.


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