Toddler Section….

Welcome to our Toddler Classroom (Ages 20 months to 3 years)

We love our toddlers! Being a toddler is a wonderful age for any child, they are able to start milestones they have met this year, from walking to running like the wind, they are also able to differentiate between places like home, the park and SCHOOL! Curious and discovery minds are waiting to be taught and soaked in with so much learning through play, curriculum and fun rolled into one. Our teachers are individually handpicked to teach, love, educate, nurture and to be friendly individuals for this special age. Our toddler teachers work non-stop while giving our toddlers opportunities to begin potty-training and leading them through self-discovery, building their independence and age-development milestones.


Our Toddler rooms follow a 1 to 6 ratio with age-appropriate curriculum that encourages pretend play with their peers, using their words, playing nice with our friends and sharing. Our teachers continue to use positive peer influence as a guiding principle and help each child use their “no-thank you’s.”